Nathan Holmes M.D.

Concussions, Fracture Care, General Orthopedics, Sports Medicine
Reconstructive Orthopedics - Sewell – Harbor Pavilions
570 Egg Harbor Road, Suite C-4
Sewell, NJ 08080

Additional Offices

614 Lambs Road, Suite C
Pitman, NJ 08071

Dr. Holmes is fellowship-trained in primary care sports medicine and board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. He specializes in the following:

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Reparative Medicine at Reconstructive Orthopedics

For frequently asked questions about Reparative Medicine and its treatments, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reparative Medicine

“Dr. Holmes is exceptional, is always very knowledgeable about his patients, and has always known the background of every patient. He is the ultimate physician, and no one is better than him.”
– Lisa M.
“Dr. Holmes was excellent from the beginning to the end.”
– Debbie H.
“This review is about Dr. Holmes. All of the reviews about Dr. Holmes were true. He is engaging, happy, and professional. He did not rush through my visit but took my concerns very seriously. He opened his busy schedule book to accommodate my next appointment without blinking an eye. I wish more doctors were like him. I left his office a lot more at ease than I’ve ever been in the last six months of trying to find out what was wrong with my leg. Thank you so much, Dr. Holmes.”
– Shirley J.
“I had an outstanding experience. Dr. Holmes is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and humble. He gave a great explanation for my diagnosis and treatment options. He repeatedly asked if I had any more questions. He is one of the best doctors I have ever been to see. I am a retired nurse and cancer survivor, so I have encountered many doctors. Also, Dr. Holmes let my husband stay in the room for the procedure. As a nurse, that tells me he is confident in what he is doing.”
– Linda H.
“I needed an appointment, and Dr. Holmes got me in the office the same day.”
– Elario P.
“Dr. Holmes has great bedside manners, making it easy to talk to him. He listens and gives the reassurance that it will all be alright. He takes his time to explain everything and recommends what is right for you. He gives you good care and is the best doctor I have known.”
– Zoraida M.
“Dr. Holes offered an excellent explanation of the procedure I will have done and why it is necessary. I feel very comfortable with my decision to proceed with the surgery that Dr. Holmes and I discussed.”
– Megan C.
“Dr. Holmes is a very busy, professional, respectful, and helpful doctor. I appreciate the time he took to help me get some relief in my arms. I pray that I become completely healed.”
– Patricia L.
“My experience with Dr. Holmes was excellent, as always.”
– Lisa D.
“I received good results and a perfect diagnosis from Dr. Holmes.”
– Ralph D.
“Dr. Holmes was very good.”
– George M.
“Dr. Holmes is wonderful and really cares about his patients. He is very knowledgeable and answers all your questions. His staff is also very friendly and helpful.”
– Clarice A.
“I have been very pleased with the expertise and care I have received from the surgical and administrative staff. I received a thank you note after a recent procedure, which was a first. Thank you, Dr. Holmes.”
– Karen B.
“Outstanding and caring. Always professional. Dr. Holmes listened to everything I had to say. Then he explained my care and options.”
– Christine D.
“Dr. Holmes was nice and informative made comfortable.”
– Carla M.
“Dr. Holmes’ experience and professionalism put me at ease with his decisions about the best options he recommends and provides for treatments. He is friendly, courteous, and kind.”
– Michele H.
“From the beginning, i.e., walking up to the front desk to finishing my procedure, the entire staff was cordial and helpful, and the surgeon took the time to alleviate my concerns about any necessary future treatment.”
– Jim M.
“I've been a patient of Dr. Holmes for a few years because he was recommended to me by Dr. Lawit. I've always received excellent care. In August of last year, I broke my ankle, and Dr. Holmes saw me the next morning. He has treated my chronic conditions and injuries. There are many good ortho docs, but since there is a wide range from which to chose, I want to see a compassionate person. Dr. Holmes is that!”
– Elizabeth T.
“Dr. Holmes is the best. On my scheduled appointment, he gave me three injections, two for my knees, and 1 in my hip. Caring doctor and made sure I was fine till I left. The office is accommodating and always making sure if there anything else I needed before leaving. I rate him over 10.”
– Linda M.
“Dr. Holmes is a very nice, professional, knowledgeable, and I never feel rushed. He explains everything in a way I can understand. Very courteous. I highly recommend it! He was correct with his diagnosis before my MRI confirmed it.”
– Noel L.
“My experience was great. I saw Dr. Holmes for knee pain that I had for three years. Dr. Holmes was the 3rd doctor that I saw. I had an MRI and X-Ray at south jersey radiology, and the results were a baker cyst. I went to Dr. Holmes and brought my tests with me. He told me I did have a baker cyst, and he removed it in his office. It is now five days later, and I do not have pain in the back of my knee anymore. I would highly recommend Dr. Holmes.”
– Richard B.
“Dr. Holmes is a great doctor. He is always ready to accommodate you. I was having severe shoulder pain and was leaving for FL in 2 days for the winter. When I called, the employee insisted I couldn’t have a shot until March. I asked her to please check with Dr. Holmes. Thank God for Dr. Holmes he gave me an appointment for 7:30 am the next day. He is a very caring doctor, and I am so fortunate to have him.”
– Joyce K.
“Top notch in all senses...would recommend him to everybody.”
– Mackenzie B.
“Dr. Holmes was very friendly, positive and extremely helpful explaining the ultra sound.”
– Carole G.
“Dr Holmes is the man. He’s treated my daughter for multiple injuries and my son most recently. Not only does he get them back to competition but he also is able to relate and make them aware of each step and why. Thank you”
– Dean S.