Judson P. Garbarino M.D.

Sports Medicine

Dr. Judson Garbarino is a fellowship-trained and board certified Doctor at EmergeOrtho: Blue Ridge Division in Asheville, NC. He specializes in the following:

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Reparative Medicine at EmergeOrtho: Blue Ridge Division

For frequently asked questions about Reparative Medicine and its treatments, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reparative Medicine

“Dr. Garbarino is nice, professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and caring.”
– Jill M.
“Dr. Garbarino answered all my questions and was very patient and supportive.”
– Linda H.
“Dr. Garbarino explained my problem very thoroughly and recommended a plan to solve it.”
– Charles T.
“Chris and Dr. Garbarino were accommodating and insightful.”
– Jared S.
“Everyone that we talked to was accommodating. I highly recommend this practice.”
– Christy D.
– Robin B.
“Good listener.”
– Cecile B.
“He was very kind and caring.”
– Shelley B.
“As many times as I have been to BRBJ, this one was no different. Dr. Garbarino did a thorough exam on my left foot. Thank goodness it was not broke. I did get a boot for Tendinitis, though. Everyone was very professional and treated me promptly.”
– Roger A.
“I was in extreme pain when I entered your center. Someone checked me in the minute I walked in - was promptly attended. Dr. Garbarino came in and explained everything that was going on with my foot. He was very kind and understanding, and I would use him again. Thank you for helping with the pain.”
– Patricia R.
“Efficient, excellent care.”
– Charles G.
“Dr. Garbarino was prompt, friendly, and thorough.”
– Diane W.
“A thoughtful exam, not rushed, very pleasant manner, was very happy with the whole process. I am extremely grateful to have such convenient and professional orthopedic access as a walk in, avoiding lengthy delays in the ER. Thank you for your practice.”
– Bonnie L.