Eric P Tannenbaum M.D.

Sports Medicine, Shoulder, Elbow, Knee, Hip, Ankle, Wrist, and Joint Replacement
Southern Indiana Orthopedics - Columbus
4665 North US 31
Columbus, IN 47201

Additional Offices

930 East Barachel Lane
Greensburg, IN 47240

Dr. Eric Tannenbaum is a fellowship-trained orthopedic sports medicine surgeon in Columbus and Greensburg, Indiana, at Southern Indiana Orthopedics. Dr. Tannenbaum specializes in the following: 

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Reparative Medicine at Southern Indiana Orthopedics

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Frequently Asked Questions about Reparative Medicine

“It is easy to get an appointment when I need one. Dr. Tannenbaum is very considerate and easy to talk with, and the staff is friendly and helpful.”
– Sandra S.
“I felt comfortable talking with Dr. Tannenbaum. I was not as nervous as I usually am.”
– Georgia R.
“Dr. Tannenbaum did a very good job. He explained everything in detail. I like him a lot.”
– Robert J.
“Dr. Tannenbaum was great. He was caring, concerned, and professional.”
– Jo W.
“Dr. Tannenbaum was very professional and answered all questions with a down-to-earth approach. He is a great guy.”
– Jerry S.
“I felt Dr. Tannenbaum was very open with me about my condition and what was best for a good outcome in my situation.”
– Jim W.
“Dr. Tannenbaum is wonderful. He comes in, sits down, and actually talks with you in terms that you will understand. He goes over everything in complete detail and will answer all your questions before leaving the room. You can tell that he legitimately cares and is upfront and honest. I wish there were more people like him. I highly recommend him.”
– Denise C.
“The few minutes he was with me were great. He had already reviewed my x-rays and had a direction to proceed in.”
– Melissa P.
“Dr. Tannenbaum is great.”
– Paul E.
“Dr. Tannenbaum is excellent. He is very good at mixing his professionalism and bedside manner with friendliness and genuine interest in my health and what I would like to accomplish through his care and assistance. I would recommend him and the office to anyone and everyone!”
– Philip A.
“Everyone was kind and relaxed.”
– Dana F.
– Francisco G.
“Everyone is friendly and professional.”
– Steven T.
“Dr. Tannenbaum listens to my problem found the reason for the pain and is going to fix it.”
– Angela S.
“Full confidence that Dr. Tannenbaum’s prognosis was accurate. We left the office feeling good about how to move forward.”
– Sam M.
“Dr. Eric Tannenbaum was great. Really like the way he tells you what's wrong. Very nice guy.”
– Kathy B.
“Very straightforward, personable, efficient report --all good news.”
– Peter T.
– Robert G.
“Dr. Tannenbaum was knowledgeable and kind.”
– Vicki C.