Paramjeet S Gill M.D.

Hip & Knee Replacement & Revision and Knee Arthroscopy Specialist
Sierra Pacific Orthopedics - Herndon Campus
1630 East Herndon Avenue
Fresno, CA 93720

Dr. Paramjeet Gill is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacements in Fresno, California, at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. Dr. Gill specializes in the following: 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Reparative Medicine

“Thanks to Dr. Gill, they have a very efficient system of check-in, explanation, and follow-up.”
– Surinder B.
“Always good to meet with Dr. Gill. Very helpful in making my decision on what needs to be done. I will let you know the complete process.”
– Michael L.
“Dr. Gil is an amazing Physician! God gave him quite a talent, and he is using it for good. All staff in the office are very kind & professional.”
– Yvonne R.
“Absolutely exceeded my expectations! Dr. Gill was caring, sympathetic, and knowledgeable. He took his time and did not seem rushed.”
– Dorothy C.
“Friendly staff. Doctor very helpful during my first visit.”
– Secundino R.
“Professional staff pleasant to interface with. Very organized and everyone seemed to know there business. Second knee replacement and I’m extremely happy with both.”
– Robert G.
“The knee replacement surgery patient guide pamphlet book was very informative and answered almost all of my questions that I would’ve had to have on this initial visit. Even though I felt like the pamphlet book answered all my questions, it was necessary to have this one on one appointment with Dr. Gill, my surgeon, to reassure me of some medical concerns. It was also great to interact with Andrea to ensure I have all my required preop labs x-rays etc. and any paperwork that my work requires for my LOA. So far, an efficient and great experience.”
– Kelly A.